Termelők - FRIULI


A Di Lenardo család 1878 óta foglalkozik borok készítésével. Massimo di Lenardo 1986-ban vette át a birtok irányítását, és szinte azonnal jelentős újításokat eszközölt. Megújultak a borok címkéi, a teljes arculat, és ami a legfontosabb a borok minősége hatalmas fejlődésen ment át. Csak saját ültetvényekről származó szőlőt dolgoznak fel. A pincészet borai olyan népszerűek a világban, hogy az össz termés 80%-a külföldön kerül értékesítésre.



The “DI LENARDO VINEYARDS” Estate produces quality wines from its five large family owned vineyards situated in Ontagnano (UD), in the heart of the FRIULI region , from a rented vineyard close to Aquileia (UD) and from some “controlled” vineyards in Manzano (UD).

The vineyards are located in the famous area FRIULI DOC . However, I love to joke and say we are located on the moon, as our wines are rather exceptional, thanks to their unique tastes and aromas, which are by no means typical of this area, but are essentially our hallmark !

VIGNE DAI VIERIS, VIGNE DA SAN MARTIN, VIGNE DA LIS MARIS, VIGNA NUOVA and TIARE D’ALBE are the names of our five large vineyards which stretch across around 55 hectares of the 150 hectares of the entire estate.

As I formerly mentioned, we also rent others 5 hectares of vineyards near Palmanova, close to our main estate, and we personally “control” and harvest approximately 4 hectares on the hills of Friuli. Consequently we currently work directly upon a total of approximately 64 hectares.

 Our family has a long-standing tradition in cultivating vines in Ontagnano, as proved by historical documentation dating back to the 1800’s.

However, it was only through the production of the 1987 vintage bottles that the quality of our company took an enormous  leap forward, thanks to the decision to press only grapes produced in our family vineyards, flanked by the planting of new specially selected varieties, an increase in the density of the vines, which grew to 6000 per hectare, decisive pruning, and other salient actions fundamental to the management of our vineyard that produce quality wines.