Termelők - ABRUZZO


Abruzzo régió legjobb termő területein helyezkednek el a Collefrisio birtok ültetvényei, Frisa városka határában. A birtok Amedeo De Luca és Antonio Patricelli tulajdonában van, mind ketten harmadik generációs borász családból származnak. A birtok három dűlőből tevődik össze, Tenuta Valle del Moro-12 ha, Tenuta Morrecine-12 ha, Tenuta Giuliano Teatino-11 ha. A birtok Abruzzo régió legjelentősebb kék szőlőfajtájára helyezi a hangsúlyt, a Montepulciano d Abruzzo. Emellett olyan őshonos helyi szőlőfajtákat művelnek, mint a Terbbiano d Abruzzo, Passerina, Pecorino. A szőlő ültetvényeken biogazdálkodás folyik. 


Collefrisio ›› Collefrisio winery was born in the hills of Frisa, Chieti Province, in Abruzzo region, thanks to the business encounter of the third-generation winemakers Amedeo De Luca and Antonio Patricelli. Collefrisio is located in a geographical terrain historically suitable to vineyard planting and wine production, and combines high quality standards with a large production of many varieties. Despite being a medium size company, it is ­exible to the demands of those markets that deal with quality wines. Collefrisio can manage within its premises the whole production process and shipping logistics all over the world.

The Estate ›› Our vineyards rest on clay and limestone soils, the weather is hot in Summer and cold in Winter. Three estates share a 35-hectare vineyard. Tenuta Valle del Moro - 12 hectares The estate, which hosts the wine house, lies at the center of Moro Valley. The new wine cellar and the terrace overlook the valley that extends from the Majella mountain range to the coast. GRAPE VARIETIES: Montepulciano and Trebbiano. Tenuta Morrecine - 12 hectares The gentle hill between Ortona and Tollo on the side overlooking the sea. Stony ground. GRAPE VARIETIES: Montepulciano and Trebbiano. Tenuta Giuliano Teatino - 11 hectares On the hillside behind the Majella and over the valley of river Venna. Red clay with a microclimate in­uenced by the mountains and the valley. GRAPE VARIETIES: Montepulciano and Pecorino. Grape varieties ›› Following the land’s type, the vines are planted in covered scaffolding (as in Chieti’s tradition) or in rows. In the Giuliano Teatino estate Monepulciano dAbruzzo grapes grow with dark and medium-bodied soil with organic residuals , enjoying continuous sunshine. Valle del Moro estate grants to Trebbiano dAbruzzo grapes stony, draining and chalky soil, subject to temperature changes due to its proximity to the Majella mountains and the Adriatic sea.